Spring Discounts – Save $100 on Summer Camp!

100_dollar_bill_best_620x350Register by May 1 and cut 33% off the regular tuition fee, save $100 and pay just $200 for a five day summer camp. We have also cut the cost of our spring break camp by 20%, save $60 or attend the optional Friday project session for free. You won't find a better price for STEM education that is:

Hands-on ♦ Fun, Challenging, and Rewarding ♦ 5:1 instructor ratio

Learn to program in Scratch, Arduino, and Mindstorms.

Register now at SignUp Genius.

Camp Curriculum:

Session Dates Topics
Spring Break Tech April 14-17,
April 18

Animation and Game Design with Scratch, Electronics with Arduino, Robotics with Mindstorms

Summer Robotics July 14-18 Robotics engineering and programming with Mindstorms
Summer Tech July 21-27 Animation and Game Design with Scratch, Electronics with Arduino, Robotics with Mindstorms
Summer FLL Aug 11-15 Robotics and activities focused on FIRST LEGO League competition, including research for the FLL project topic (TBD).
After Camp June 16-27 Electronics with Arduino
After Camp June 30 – July 11 Japanese Language; See info about our current class.Send us feedback if you would like a Chinese or other language class.
After Camp July 14 – 25 Robotics Engineering with Mindstorms
After Camp July 28 – Aug 8 Robotics Programming with Mindstorns
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Sign Up for April Repair Cafe

sign-up-now3We need volunteers to help on April 19 to make our second Repair Cafe a success. Just click on the SignUp Genius logo, or here, to be taken to the signup form. We had good success with our five areas: clothing/fabric, computers, electronic appliances, small furniture, and jewelry. But it is Spring (right?) so we'll add a bicycle tunup and repair service. You don't need to be an expert at repair work, nor commit to a full day of work. We need helping hands for all sorts of tasks, down to making a fresh pot of coffee.

Not familiar with Repair Cafe? Well, we're the first to try it in the Mid-Atlantic region… The idea is to help reduce waste by fixing broken comsumer goods rather than give in to the marketing pressure to upgrade to a new product. We can't fix everything, but the idea is if we don't try, it won't happen.


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Small Change, Big Impact

petitionIt is not a lot of money, just $7,300. That is just 0.03% of the $25.5 million general operating fund of the proposed 2014-2015 budget for the City of Greenbelt.

How would you spend it differently from the City's current plan? If you agree with some or all of my ideas, please

Sign my petition to City Council.

I would fully fund the school grant budget requested by the Advisory Committee on Education. You can't do wrong there. That's $2,000. But I would add the catch that they start to accept grant proposals from home school groups.

I would fully fund the grant requests of non-profit contribution groups that support some of our great community activities and events that would otherwise not happen. Besides, the budget is only $300 short of that target. Club125 is requesting funding from this budget item, so I am not without a biased opinion on this issue.

Finally, I would fund a modest amount, $5,000, to help the Recreations Department get started with planning a future Science and Technology Program. I know the City can not afford to add a new program with a manager and staff at this time. But we need to start making the plans now, as a signal to everyone that we fully intend to make Greenbelt a center for Sci/Tech education, community activities, and business development.

To fund all of the above, I would cap the increase in funding to Greenbelt Access Television, Inc. at $10,200. I love what they do at GATE, and that is still a 7.6% increase in their funding.

Ok, so that's the budget debate. I also petition the City Council to

  • Create a Science and Technology Advisory Committee
  • Establish a Science and Technology Business District

I think both of these actions are true no-brainers. Greenbelt is in the center of a massive tech region that stretches from College Park to Goddard to Fort Meade. The County Council knows this and they are leading the way (imagine that!).

Last month the Prince George's County Council established a Science and Technology Business District consisting of the Greater Beltsville, College Park, Riverdale, Riverdale Park, Berwyn Heights and Greenbelt areas. The legislation will "make room for an expedited review and approval process for qualified science and technology projects within the District, and provide tax incentives for qualified businesses in the technology, science and biotech industries."

I love my Greenbelt community. Help me work to provide activities for kids and adults that improve our knowledge, understanding, and skills in science and technology, to provide vocational training opportunities, and to create true economic development in the areas where we are the strongest.


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Windows XP is Dead, Switch to Linux for FREE

xp to ubuntu

If you have an old laptop running XP, take Microsoft's advice and update now! Just don't upgrade to another bad OS from Microsoft. You stayed away this long. Now go with Linux. We can help, here at Club125.

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Maker Faire Reception

Maker Faire Reception

Exhibitors and volunteers are invited to an informal reception at Club125 this Thursday, April 3rd, 7-9pm. Come and meet everyone involved in the first annual Greenbelt Mini Maker Faire. We will distribute Faire t-shirts, review the plans and logistics of the big day, and discuss all topics related to the Maker Movement. Cake will be provided by Chef Lou!

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Limited Daytime Hours This Week

closedWe are short on volunteers and staff this week with our folks out of town. We'll most likely be closed during the day, and open 6-10pm in the evenings. We may be open normal hours on Friday.


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